Welcome to neo ESG studio

We bring together an international network of 15,000 sustainability peers and pioneers to help crack tough ESG challenges.

We are sideways thinkers and design creatives, sustainability entrepreneurs, corporate ESG leaders, policy-makers and shapers, Gen Zers, COP change-makers, investors and analysts, creatives and architects, farmers and (re)inventors, engineers and circular economists, climate scientists and strategists, UNSDG creators and experts, and just all-round good people to hang out with.

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Why do we do it?

Big corporates and nimble SMEs are the driving force behind the new strategies and models, products and services needed to reset our economies for good. However, ESG can be a lonely journey for leaders, the decision-makers, and many of the challenges we face have never been addressed before. Our (neo) experience shows that best solutions come from genuine collaboration with the best peers at the right time and learning from those who have already started on the ESG road.


And what does it feel like?

Trusted – we're a hand-picked network, which has taken more than 17 years to bring together;
Collaborative – because we're all on similar journeys with the same mission just at different stages;
Action-oriented – because we all share a desire to get stuff done.